This platform can be used by recruiters and agencies to post and advertise jobs. This highly innovative portal assists the recruiter to headhunt the most exclusive candidates that have been working with the best employers. Moreover, the portal's dynamic search is capable of delivering a wide range of relevant candidates, thereby making it easier for the recruiters to unleash highly relevant results.

In addition to that, with its fully aided discovery of new and related roles and skills, even those recruiters who are inexperienced will also be able to churn the most relevant candidate profiles without even having a need to have a proper grip on the entire technical skills and expertise.

You can post two non-featured job adverts for free for one year which you’ll be able to edit or change as many times as you want. But if you want to go for more than two non-featured adverts, then charges will apply. Moreover, the job advertisers will get full access to both change and make suitable editions in order to republish a free advert without any fuss whatsoever.

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