About Vocation Wizard.

We strive to connect recruitment agencies and jobseekers with minimal effort. We, therefore, succeed in connecting millions of people to new opportunities.



Jobseekers can take advantage of this platform at no cost. Whether you choose to register an account or browse as a guest, you can access all the features of Vocation Wizard. Account holders have the added benefit of tracking their viewed job adverts, bookmarking listings for future reference, and setting up personalized job alerts.


Are You a Recruiter Looking to Advertise a Job Vacancy?

After registering an account on vocationwizard.jobs, you can post two non-featured job adverts for free for 12 months. Advertisers retain full access to edit, modify, and republish their free adverts without any limitations on the number of changes.


Paid adverts -  Customers can edit and change an existing job advert as many times as they wish. Since the job advert is live for 30, 60, or 90 days, there are no additional fees included during this duration.

If a jobseeker decides to apply for a job you've posted on Vocation Wizard, they will be directed to your company website.


No registration fee. Pay as you go, with no contracts. You can cancel your account at any time.

Prices for each non-featured job advert.

  • 30 Days - Non-featured advert = £30 Excl VAT.
  • 60 Days - Non-featured advert = £60 Excl VAT.
  • 90 Days - Non-featured advert = £90 Excl VAT.

Prices for each featured job advert.

  • 30 Days - Featured advert = £60 Excl VAT.
  • 60 Days - Featured advert = £120 Excl VAT.
  • 90 Days - Featured advert = £180 Excl VAT.

How It Works?

  • Register a Recruiter Account
  • Post a job advert
  • Add your site URL on the job post

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