The age-old idiom "Don't put your eggs in one basket" has been said for generations. Its meaning of not risking everything by committing to only one plan is great advice even today. For most of us, it is a principle we tend to forget to apply in our work and financial matters. 

When we set out job-seeking most of us will only focus on one job position, and once hired, we will work our butt off to achieve recognition in that position. This traditional career path may have been enough for previous generations, but for the uncertain times we face today, we need to rewire our thinking to diversify our path. Open our minds to job seeking for multiple positions that our skills can cater to, and be open to more than one income.

With rising inflation, tough competition, and a significant increase in layoffs, having a plan B to fall back on sounds like a great idea.

Diversify Your Income

Holding down just one job may sound like a task to some people. Holding down two or even three jobs may be too exhausting for most of us. But with technology making it easier than ever to add income, a second job does not have to be as daunting as it sounds. 

Dependency on one salary can be good for a certain period, but should the events of a layoff or company closure arise, you find yourself with one empty basket. Diversifying your income sources will leave you with a secured income during the ups and downs of life.

A second job can also be an ideal way to explore an unfulfilled passion you may have. From igniting an entrepreneurial spirit to turning a hobby into a job, you get to explore this new career path with the security that your primary job is holding you down.

Diversify Job-Seeking

All of us have that one job in our head that we want. However, applying for more jobs adjacent to your ideal position also has its benefits. If you need employment quickly, applying for more than one position will offer you a higher chance of receiving a job offer. It may not be the one you had your eye on, but an offer may be better than none.

Another benefit is that you increase your chances of securing a job. If you set out to apply for one position, and you are rejected, then, you are back to the beginning of your job-seeking journey. However, if you apply to multiple jobs at the same time, you won't experience the same rejection. You could even receive multiple offers.

Job-seekers should, at the start of their career, focus on a field in which they want to work. Ask yourself what interests you and what will leave you satisfied doing all day, every day. Identify your set of skills based on your interests and qualifications. Based on your interests, skills, and qualifications, you can check how many jobs are fit for you to apply for. Check out multiple positions that you can consider, and apply for those posts based on which are perfect matches for you.

If you are unsure if a job is for you, use the 80% rule. You do not need to meet all the requirements an employer is looking for, but if you can reach at least 80% of the job requirements, then, you should hit that apply button. 


So far, we have discussed the positives of not placing all your eggs in one basket: more opportunities, and more income. But with these benefits, of course, there are also drawbacks. 

For those juggling more than one job, the likeliness of burnout is inevitable if you cannot balance your time and effort. Yes, the additional income is ideal, but if it comes at the price of your health, rethink if this is the right path for you.

While diversifying your job hunting can give you more chances of success, it can also be a source of conflict. You may receive interview invites for the same day, or you may have to divulge offers you receive that could affect how a company looks at you in the future. You also could look desperate.

Go with what you think will work best for your needs and wants. Determine why you want to diversify your path, as you will be the one to put in the hard work and reap the rewards.

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