Originating from research on animal behavior, the term alpha has traditionally been used to refer to the male leader of a pack. In this day and age, with gender stereotypes challenged everywhere, what makes an alpha woman unique? 

An alpha female is talented, highly motivated, and self-confident. She is an independent woman who will eventually become a great leader. Employers seek alpha females for their ambition and go-getter attitude. Do you fit this profile? Take a look at some of the signs that point to alpha female behavior. 


Self-doubt is not an option for an alpha female. She believes in her abilities and talents and will always consider herself equal to her peers. Alpha women, fueled by ambition, achieve great success in their education and careers. They never feel self-conscious when meeting new people or entering a new place. This confidence draws the attention of others. When an alpha female walks into a room, she holds her head high, makes eye contact while greeting others, and can express herself openly. They are the ideal candidate for representing an organization or team during presentations. 

In a group, an alpha female confidence can be contagious. Wanting to be her peer, other men and women may hold their posture as she does, mimic her tone, or add jargon similar to hers. 


Being complacent is not an option for an alpha female. Easily bored when not busy, an alpha female seeks ways to learn new skills and experiences for her professional development. She knows the importance of continuous learning and appreciates learning from whatever challenge comes her way or from those with different life experiences than hers. 

Alpha females excel in leadership positions due to their eagerness to learn and take on more responsibilities. 


As previously mentioned, alpha females make great leaders, and one key factor to this is their high EQ or emotional intelligence. An alpha female can recognize, understand, and manage both her emotions and the emotions of others. It means that she is aware of how her actions and expressions might put others on the edge, or when someone is having problems in their personal life. A leader with a high EQ is great for productivity as she knows how to manage the team's challenges and promote cooperation while avoiding any unwanted pressure.


A career plan is a must for an alpha female. She has meticulously planned her future, with specific goals and actionable steps to achieve them. They understand things are not difficult, and only hard work will achieve their career goals. They will seek out mentors, look for new opportunities, and welcome challenges that will aid in progressing their careers.  

With high ambitions, an alpha female understands the need for a great foundation and will surround herself with those who can offer her emotional support. This external support group will be essential as her ambitions will leave her always wanting more, more income, more opportunities, and more from life. 


Alpha females usually find themselves in a position of mentorship whether they seek it or not. They constantly seek guidance and opinions and are the go-to person for advice. Often, they are approached for assistance, both in their professional and personal lives. Due to their high EQ, they also seek ways to help those around them. Being able to give back to others gives them a sense of satisfaction. 


Being an alpha female in the workplace is indeed empowering. However, like all things in life, it also carries some negative aspects. Not everyone can handle a strong alpha female, with jealousy from those wanting to see her fail. Stereotypes can also box them in, and leave them pressured to live up to expectations. Female alphas must learn to manage strong traits while enjoying a fruitful career. 

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