Achieving gender equality in the workplace should be a priority for all employers. It promotes a fair and balanced office ecosystem and can position your company as an attractive environment to promising talent. In the U.K., the government has committed itself to helping all genders reach their full potential. There are opportunities for women throughout the U.K. for high-paying and high-growth jobs. Listed below are just a handful of potential career paths for women that have seen a bump in demand.


Average Salary: £19,500 to £49,500 per year

Crucial to any company, an accountant aids businesses in making financial decisions by tracking, collecting, communicating, and correcting the company's financial position. They record transactions, collate and analyze data, perform audits, assist with budget requests, and compute taxes.

In the U.K., accounting is a well-paying and in-demand profession, so there are many opportunities open to women in this field. A job in accounting offers a stable career path with accountants able to increase their salary by pursuing higher education and building their industry portfolio.


Average Salary: £20,000 to £41,500 per year

Marketing is a great career path for those with a knack for communication and staying on trends. Marketing experts take charge of developing, executing, and monitoring marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms. Their scope includes researching the market, defining the company's marketing strategies, analyzing trends, and reporting strategies on how to reach a target market. An excellent career path for creative women in the U.K., a position in marketing is perfect for women who want to be passionate about their work while earning a good salary.


Average Salary: £40,000 to £50,000 per year

For companies with a supply chain, a Purchasing Manager is responsible for the acquisition of goods for consumption or to be resold for profit. They assess suppliers and negotiate the best rate on contracts to meet the company’s purchasing needs. To succeed in this role, a talent for securing high-quality yet cost-efficient procurement will be essential. This is an in-demand career right now, so there are many opportunities for women in the U.K. to build a career in this field.


Average Salary: £45,000 to £77,000 per year

Pursuing a career as a doctor is a long and intense journey, with immense rewards. It typically takes 11 to 16 years to complete your studies, including at least 4 years of resident experience. A doctor is responsible for the total care of a patient who seeks their consultancy. These duties include performing diagnostic tests, documenting patients' medical history, recommending specialists, and administering vaccines and other treatments.

Doctors go through such long studies to learn the skill of diagnosis, as they must rely on their knowledge to treat their patients. Their salaries are amongst the highest of all professions, and with experience their career path could grow into a head of research or hospital president position.


Average Salary: £24,000 to £164,000 per year

A profession that has grown in opportunity in recent years is that of a life coach. A type of wellness professional, life coaches help clients identify their strengths and areas needing development. Not to be confused with a counselor, life coaches conduct confidential, one-on-one relationships with their clients.

What sets a life coach apart from a counselor, is rather than focusing on emotional healing, a life coach helps clients plan positive goals. Clients will share their aspirations and as a life coach your job is to help them understand the steps, they can take to create positive change in their lives and accomplish these goals. A career as a life coach usually means being your boss and going out to find clients on your own. Your expected income is dependent on your clientele. A growing network will be key to launching this career.


The opportunities for women in the U.K. job market right now are endless. We have shared just a few options that women can look at for a fulfilling and satisfying career. Choosing the right profession is down to your interests and needs. With the number of women employed in the U.K. continuing to grow, women can be found in all professions and making waves in all trades.

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