A decade ago, finding a job would have meant circling different classifieds in a newspaper, walking to the employer’s office for an interview, and then sitting by the phone to wait for the response.

Fortunately, the technical revolution has made job hunting more convenient for aspiring candidates. Today, you don’t need to shuffle through the newspaper’s classified page to find relevant job opportunities. Instead, you can visit online recruitment websites such as Vocation Wizard, apply advanced filters, and instantly get a list of job openings that align with your skills.

Many employers have also started conducting virtual interviews via platforms like Skype and Google Meet. It means you don’t necessarily have to visit the office before your first day. Despite all these benefits of the digital world, many people still struggle to make the most out of their job hunt in the UK. They either don’t know how to use an online recruitment website or struggle to stand apart from the other applicants.

If you’ve been struggling with your job hunt, this guide will be helpful. Our experts have penned down various tips that’ll cater to your job search process and help you easily secure the most suitable position.

1. Stop Procrastinating

As soon as you come across a job opening that you’re interested in, apply for it right away. Many aspiring candidates fail to secure a relevant job because they let the clouds of underconfidence surround them. Consequently, they never apply for the job and let someone else grab the opportunity.

Our experts believe that more than 50% of employers hire employees who apply within the first week of the job posting. It means the more you procrastinate, the more challenging it’ll get for you to secure the desired job. Be quick when it comes to applying for jobs that align with your skillset and offer a great payday.

2. Have Multiple Templates for Cover Letters

It’s no secret that cover letters are one of the most effective tools for candidates to stand apart in a pool of applicants.

However, it’s worth understanding that not all job responsibilities are similar, which means using the same cover letter for every job opening is not a wise approach. The general thumb rule says that you should always customize your cover letter should be customized according to the job role you’re applying for.

And, since the primary objective of a cover letter is to showcase what qualifies you for the job, it makes complete sense to personalize it for the particular position. If you search online, you’ll find hundreds of cover letter templates for almost every job position. Use these templates and experiment with them to find the ones that work in your favor.

Read our comprehensive guide on how to write a cover letter that stands out immediately.

3. Reply to Emails or Phone Calls

After you’ve applied for multiple jobs in London, you’ll start receiving phone calls and emails from recruiters. While the best way to increase your odds of securing the job is to respond to these emails & calls immediately, you must try to at least follow up at the earliest in case you were busy earlier.

Waiting to call back to a potential employer can easily backfire as they might have given the opportunity to someone else. Moreover, getting back to someone ASAP who’s planning to hire you will make a great first impression and you’ll be able to stand apart from the crowd easily.

4. Prioritize Networking

Networking is an integral part of job hunting as it puts your name in the community and opens up a plethora of job opportunities.

Yet, many job seekers continue to sit behind their computer screens and never go out into the professional world to meet with new employers. Even if you are already in a stable job, building a professional network will keep you updated with new opportunities.

You can even use social media platforms such as Linkedin to expand your professional network and connect with new employers. Companies are always posting new job openings on Linkedin and it can help you secure your dream job without any hassle.

5. Sign Up With a Professional Recruitment Platform

Here’s the deal; job hunting is a time-consuming and hectic process, especially if you don’t want to work with a random headhunter. This is where a platform like Vocation Wizard can make your job hunt in the UK less stressful.

With Vocation Wizard, you have the liberty to search for jobs in your preferred field and connect with employers without any hassle. Our advanced search filters ensure you can use multiple factors to search for jobs that best match your skillset. You can further configure job alerts to get notified as soon as a new employer publishes a job opening.


Job hunting can be intimidating, especially if you have just graduated from college and don’t have any professional network. However, with the right approach and a professional recruitment platform like Vocation Wizard, you can streamline the entire process and connect with potential employers. So, sign up as a jobseeker today and start applying for jobs to kickstart your professional career right away.

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