The holiday season is just around the corner and people have already started searching for seasonal jobs to make extra money during the holidays. Seasonal jobs are a great way to stay busy during your holidays, gain new experiences, and stay away from debt.

Moreover, some people also sign up for seasonal jobs to have a new perspective on life by contributing back to society. In any case, the key to finding the best seasonal jobs is to start early.

Recruiters have a rough idea about how many individuals they’ll need during the holidays and that’s why they start the recruitment process early. In some cases - jobs in the transport sector, for instance - also require recruiters to validate a candidate’s skills, and starting early gives them enough time to find the most qualified employees for their organization.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t secure a decent job during the holidays. Read this comprehensive guide on how to find the best seasonal jobs to make extra income during this holiday season.

1. Stay Professional

Even though seasonal jobs are temporary, candidates must do their best while applying for the job. Appearing for the interview in a casual T-shirt and pair of shorts will not work in your favor.

Employers hiring during the holidays are concerned about their business and usually prefer hiring candidates who are professional and take their work seriously.

Just like you would appear in a full-time job interview, make sure to dress up professionally while applying for a seasonal job. During the interview, make sure to keep the conversation professional and share the past work experiences that make you the right choice for the current position.

2. Be Flexible

In addition to the required skills, flexibility is the biggest personality trait employers look for when recruiting candidates for seasonal jobs. During the holidays, businesses like retail and warehouses experience additional workloads.

It means they need employees who are available around the clock and don’t have any specific time preferences. While applying for a holiday job, make sure to highlight that you’re flexible with the timing.

This small step will set you apart from the remaining pool of applicants and get you one step closer to securing the job.

3. Do Not Procrastinate

As with any other career option, procrastinating will never work in your favor when you’re trying to secure seasonal jobs. As we mentioned earlier, the recruitment for seasonal begins as early as September.

It means if you’ve already missed the first wave of seasonal recruitment and procrastinating further will only take you away from securing the desired job for the holidays.

Instead of procrastinating, start applying for jobs in the neighborhood and go for multiple interviews during the day. Moreover, you should also revamp your resume so that it caters to the job requirements of the positions you’re planning to apply for.

4. Find Relevant Jobs Using an Online Job Listing Platform

Now, the best way to search for seasonal jobs is by using online job listing platforms such as Vocation Wizard.

Through advanced search filters, Vocation Wizard can connect you with recruiters whose job requirements meet your skillset. You can also apply filters to search for jobs within a specified location. This will allow you to narrow down the list to the most relevant jobs and schedule your interviews with a single click.

5. Your Work Experience Doesn’t Always Have to Count

Here’s the deal; a recruiter may not always focus on your work experience as long as you have personality traits like flexibility and enthusiasm. So, if you’ve been sitting with the idea that you don’t have enough work experience, this is the time to build up your resume and get ready for a full-time job in the future.

Top Industries that Offer Seasonal Jobs During the Holidays

Now, it’s worth pointing out that graduate job vacancies during the holidays are limited, and not all industries are open for hiring candidates. Here is a list of the top sectors that are likely to be hiring for seasonal jobs.

1. Retail

Holidays are the time when people go out shopping and flock to different stores. This is the time when local retailers are actively looking for employees to cover different positions including cashiers, floor managers, inventory managers, etc. And, since retail businesses are at their peak during the holidays, you have a better chance of getting hired at a nearby store, even if you don’t have any prior work experience.

2. Transport and Delivery Companies

Even during the holidays, transport and logistics businesses run 24/7 and require additional help to manage the additional orders. You can look for nearby jobs in the transport sector using online platforms such as Vocation Wizard.

3. Warehouse and Inventory Management

Yes, your nearby warehouse is hiring employees to manage the extra workload of the holidays. Since more and more people turn to online shopping during the holidays, warehouses encounter an influx of packages. As a result, they start recruiting temporary workforce to manage the workload and ensure people get their holiday packages on time.

The Bottom Line

Seasonal jobs - as the name implies - are not permanent. But, they are a great way to build up your work experience and get extra wages during the holidays. Sign up as a jobseeker on Vocation Wizard and connect with the best recruiters to find a seasonal job in no time.

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