Administrative jobs have become one of the most sought-after careers in the 21st century. From banking to healthcare to education, every vertical requires administrators to overlook the general operations and ensure everything is on the right track.

And, since it’s not a technically inclined job role, thousands of applicants apply for these jobs every year. So, how can you stand apart from the crowd and garner your employer’s attention in a pool of applicants? The answer is pretty simple - preparing in advance.

Along with updating your resume, you must also prepare for interview questions to appear more confident during the interview. While the interview questions are different in every situation, there are a few common questions that every employer asks while interviewing candidates for administration jobs in the UK.

In this guide, we’ll share a list of a few of these questions so that you can prepare for your interview easily.

1. Why Have You Chosen the Career of Administrative Assistant?

Like any other conventional interview, this is one of the first questions of many interviewers hiring administrative assistants.

The primary intent of this question is to identify whether the candidate is applying for the position just for the sake of having a ‘job’ or is he/she indeed interested in handling the responsibilities of an administrator.

The best approach to answer this question is to be candid. Talk about why you’re passionate about being an administrator and which job responsibilities you enjoy the most. To validate your statements, you can also share examples from your past work experience to sound more confident.

2. How Do You Manage a Team and Stay Organized?

One of the many core responsibilities of an administrator is to manage a team of 5-10 employees. So, recruiters are always looking to hire individuals who have great leadership skills.

Unfortunately, demonstrating leadership skills during an interview may not be an easy task. But, you can share one of your past experiences where your leadership qualities catered to the success of the entire team.

You can also share a few tactics you use to stay organized while managing a team and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3. Is There Any Particular Project You Enjoyed Working on as an Administrator?

This is another common question a recruiter may ask while interviewing candidates for the administrator position.

With this question, recruiters want to identify how a particular candidate implements their skills to tackle different challenges while staying positive all the time. Of course, you would want to share the details of a successful project to answer this question the right way. Talk about the project in detail and share what actions you took to handle different operations.

4. What According to You is the Most Necessary Personality Trait of an Administrator?

This is a critical interview question and your answer will separate you from the remaining candidates. Interviewers want to know what skills they believe are necessary to work as an administrator in their organization.

In addition to a single core skill, make sure to share several other job responsibilities of an administrator you believe are necessary to handle different challenges. You can also share how you’ve implemented these skills in your experience.

5. What Software and Computer Skills Do You Have That Make You Ideal for this Position?

Securing administrative jobs in London as an administrator involves working with different software to execute complex tasks more conveniently. As an administrator, you must be proficient with these common software applications to maximize your odds of getting hired. Of course, the more tools you know and the better technical skills you have, the easier it will become to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

6. What is the Most Challenging Part of Working as an Administrator?

This is another way recruiters usually try to validate the weaknesses of candidates during a job interview. The easy way to answer this question is to talk about key areas you’re trying to improve and accelerate your career growth. Be confident while talking about the challenges you’ve faced in previous jobs and also share the approaches you followed to overcome them.

7. How Do You Handle Multitasking?

For an administrator, managing multiple tasks simultaneously is a regular part of daily life. However, multitasking can often take its toll on people and hamper their overall productivity. Your employer needs to be assured that the person they hire can handle multitasking with ease. So, share some of the tactics you utilize in your professional life to stay productive while managing different tasks simultaneously.


Interview questions for administration job vacancies vary from employer to employer. Each recruiter has their own set of questions they use to validate the skills of a candidate. However, the above-mentioned questions are quite common in all administrator interviews. So, if you prepare them before the interview, it’ll become much easier to stay confident during the interview. To apply for different Administrative jobs, sign up with Vocation Wizard as a job seeker and get in touch with reputed recruiters immediately.

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